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SPAR is the UK’s leading convenience symbol group and SPAR stores play a central role in the life of local communities around the UK. Being a member of SPAR means a lot more than having a well-known name above the door; it is about being part of a sophisticated network of independent entrepreneurs sharing each other’s success.

The structure and range of support services available to retailers who become members is a huge strength of SPAR. But with the strength of the SPAR organisation behind them, independent retailers have every opportunity to not just survive but thrive.   Being a member of SPAR is really about getting the best of both worlds, combining the professionalism of a large group with the energy and individuality of independent entrepreneurs.

With SPAR taking care of the buying, branding, marketing and store development, and with a wealth of assistance available from business advisors and fellow store owners, each retail member is free to concentrate on providing the best possible service to the local community and delivering that service each and every day in the way that only independent, truly local convenience retailers can do.

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